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 First Line Rider Crazy Newsletter

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PostSubject: First Line Rider Crazy Newsletter   Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:07 pm


This is The First LineRiderCrazy Newsletter!
In this newsletter, you will receive news updates about LRC, and what has been going on in the forums recently.

I will attempt to send out one of these newsletters at least once a month.

So, here are the current updates that LRC has experienced.
1) We have added resumes, so that we can mush easier recruit members into usergroups.
2) We have cleared a lot of people out of their old usergroups, and made them normal members. If you find that you have been demoted, please PM about why you were demoted, and how you can gain that usergroup back.
3) There is now an Invisible "Recycle Bin" where all deleted topic will go. This Recycle Bin is only viewable by administrators, and will remain that way for the time being. It will be used to "Archive" all the deleted topics, for future reference on promotions, demotions, etc.


As of when this message was sent, we have 75 registered members, 6524 posts, and 368 Topics.
We have an average of 29.06 new posts-per-day (ppd), and 1.64 new topics-per-day (tpd).
The newest registered user is LineDude123 (Registered on "Sun 23 Aug")
The most users ever online was 26 on "Sun 15 Feb".
The topic with the most posts is "Bannination Game!" in the "Off Topic" Section.
The topic with the most views is "Bannination Game!" in the "Off Topic" Section.


Top 10 most active topic starters:
IDrawTheLines----74 topics---26%
SM1T5Y----------59 topics---21%
Linemaniac231----32 topics---11%
Luga-------------25 topics----9%
Cheeserider13----23 topics----8%
California---------20 topics----7%
X-Swords--------17 topics----6%
Gamberth--------11 topics----4%
ueda-hime-------10 topics----4%
RmL-------------10 topics----4%


Top posting users this week [Sunday 30 - Saturday 05]
SM1T5Y-----------53 posts---28%
Linemaniac231-----42 posts---22%
California----------38 posts---20%
Luga--------------29 posts---15%
MartinJulenissen---23 posts---12%
TrackTheLines------5 posts----3%


Month with most new topics:-May 2009------113 posts---31%
Month with most new posts:--May 2009-----1896 posts---29%
Month with most new users:--May 2009-------22 new----22%

Alright, I hope that sums everything up for now!
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First Line Rider Crazy Newsletter
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